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NetDev Corporation clients include a large variety of business types and industries. Custom website development can range from small and inexpensive business informational sites to complex enterprise sites that control crucial business processes and workflow.
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Provide Secure Information
  • Workflow / Job Control
  • Advanced Integration
  • Mapping and Voice Automation
  • Commercial Enterprise Features
ServiceBridge™ is a proprietary website application that was designed for the service industry. It was designed to streamline the process of tracking delivery, assembly and repair service jobs using an integrated web portal login approach. Companies using this product can log into their portal and manage service jobs in a real-time update environment.
  • Logistics Tracking
  • Client and Technician Interfaces
  • Mobile Application Updates
  • Direct Client Systems Integration
Register™ is a proprietary Web and Windows application that was designed for the general retail Point-of-Sale cash register functions. All Product pricing, ordering and transfering can be controlled at Store or Company access levels. This product can also be customized and branded for your chain of businesses.
  • Hybrid Cloud & Windows Design
  • Key, Scan & Touch Features
  • Product Pricing & Purchasing
  • Multi-Register & Store Support
Gateway™ is a proprietary Web Portal system that was designed to be customized for merchant services providers. It's features are designed to allow ISOs to fully customize their gateway product providing lower gateway fees, level lll card qualifications and low expense utilizing certified tokenization systems for secure data use.
  • Code Level Customization
  • Full Featured Virtual Terminal
  • Batch, Group and Recurring
  • Mobile Terminal Site

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