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ServiceBridge™ Features
  • Fully Web Based Solution
  • Easy-to-Use User Interface
  • Powerful Searching Features
  • Mobile Application Updates
  • Secured User Login & Tracking
  • Multi Level User Access
  • Job Assignment & Scheduling
  • Job Tracking in Real-Time
  • Job Status Dashboard Control
  • Route & Distance Mapping
  • Assign Pickup, Dropoff & Work Sites
  • Include Extensive Job Instructions
  • Track Job Notes and Changes
  • Customized SKUs by Client
  • Select Technicians by Abilities
  • Attach External Files & Docs
  • Handle Pending & Problem Jobs
  • Build Custom Forms & Reports
  • Record Invoicing & Payments
  • Link Accounting to QuickBooks™
  • Store Photos of Employees & Techs
  • Store Files for Employees & Techs
  • Custom User Defined Fields
  • Manage Client Locations & Equipment
  • Custom Categories and Sub-Categories
  • Resource & Marketing Mappings
  • Custom Job Warnings for Dispatch
  • Company & System Wide Messages
  • Unlimited Employee Records & Logins
  • Unlimited Technician Records & Mobiles
  • Unlimited Clients & Locations
  • Unlimited Clients SKUs & Equipment
  • Unlimited Job Records & Info
  • Automated Invoicing Worksheets
  • Automated Payment Worksheets
  • Job Profit Analysis Pivot Grids
  • Job Data Reports, Charts & Graphs
  • Integrated User Help & Assistance
  • AND MORE ...

Extended Features
  • Client Login Portals
  • Client New Job Entry
  • Client Job Status Updates
  • Client Systems Integrations
  • Mobile Technician Applications
  • Mobile Job Updating & Controls
  • Mobile Customer Approval Signatures
  • Mobile Photo Review & Uploading
  • Automated Customer Reminder Calls
  • Automated Customer Survey Calls
  • Automated Customer Email Info

ServiceBridge™ Providing commercial service management of delivery, assembly, preventative maintenance and repair service jobs using real-time updates and professional website tracking features to get the job done right - "the first time, on time & every time."™

The NetDev management and programming team have worked for over ten years with many of the largest service providers and clients in the industry. We are now using our expertise to network small to mid-sized regional service providers to compete for national client work. Through our product, ServiceBridge™, businesses of any size can use the same tools that were once only available to their largest competitors. As an integrated network with smaller service providers using the same ServiceBridge™ platform, national clients can now utilize to combined power of well managed and locally focused providers.

Why is ServiceBridge™ right for my business?

All, but the largest, of service industry based businesses are managed with a combination of tools; each tool selected for specific functions required by your business. Maybe your business uses OutLook™ (or other software) for technician scheduling, Google™ or MapPoint™ for driving directions and route management, QuickBooks™ for invoicing and accounting, and a vast array of Excel™ spreadsheets, Word™ documents and filing systems to manage the day-to-day operations and your busiensses administrative tasks. Your systems might work fine for your businesses current size - but, you may find that trying to coordinate all this information is limiting your business and expensive in time and lost opportunities.

ServiceBridge™ was designed to integrate all the tools required for you to currently manage your business, plus automation tools that are typically not even available to most businesses, all into one full featured website based solution. Since the solution is web based, you and your team can also access this integrated solution from anywhere the Internet can take you - work, home and the road. The mobile applications allow your technicains to update job information directly from their smart phones (Android™ and Apple™) at the customer site or on the road.

With the features of ServiceBridge™ deployed in your business, higher volumes and larger clients become our goal for you too. Not only will you be able to effectively and inexpensively manage your current customers, but as NetDev expands its network of businesses on this platform, we will open regional service work with national clients relationships. The service work for these national accounts will be offered to you as part of our network of users.

What are the features of ServiceBridge™?

Some of the features of ServiceBridge™ are listed to the far right of this page. (Along with a few screen shots.) The full scope of this product can only be properly presented by our a NetDev representative demonstrating it to you. We can answer all of your questions and will also discuss the alliance goals of NetDev for you, our business user base.

To learn more about ServiceBridge™, please contact our representatives for a full system demonstration for you and your service team!

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